Procurement Services Provider (PSP)

Procurement Services Provider (PSP)

We are a Procurement Services Provider (PSP) that works as a third party organization which is supplementary to internal procurement departments. We have own staffing which assist in a variety of tasks for our clients. The tasks may range from strategic sourcing, benchmarking, and supplier identification to entire Procurement Transformation.

Why Use OUR Procurement Services Provider?

Maintaining internal procurement expertise for across all areas of indirect and direct spend is costly and unnecessary. Using OUR Procurement Services will eliminate the burden of establishing and maintaining a Procurement infrastructure for categories that aren’t core to your business. We as a  Procurement Services Provider can provide a rapid analysis of your organization’s spend, negotiate with suppliers, manage supplier implementations and proven industry best practices. We will act as an extension of the organization’s existing procurement resources, in a non-obtrusive fashion. Latest research shows “enterprises that have outsourced management of specific procurement processes and/or categories of spending have been able to achieve material cost reduction that average between 10%-25%. In some cases, material cost reductions topped 30%.” – Aberdeen Group Research Abstract, You Will Outsource Procurement: Here’s Why and How. TransElite will be happy to meet with you to discuss how we may be of service to you. You do not have to outsource your entire procurement function. Our Procurement and Strategic Sourcing experts will be happy to assist you in selected spend categories. TransElite can work on a contingency basis, so there will never be any up-front fees. Our goal is to develop a secure and responsive supply base capable of meeting current & future business needs in terms of: Quality, Delivery, Cost, Quantity, Technology, Flexibility and Service In nutshell we can provide any products and services to meet the need of your valued organization. OUR Procurement Services will eliminate the burden of searching for products with great quality and price for categories that aren’t core to your business.