Install Commercial Integrated Poultry Farming

Install Commercial Integrated Poultry Farming

Most of the Chicken Meat is imported to Guinea. Guinea has a substantial arable land. We believe that if it’s cultivated properly - with latest technology, seasoned management team, it will yield to greater output. Our intended project will not only help reducing import, but it will also help supplying Chicken Meat to neighboring courtiers.

Commercial Integrated Poultry Farming (ORGANIC or sustainable)

We help installing all-inclusive organic Poultry Farming, including producing fertilized eggs, hatching eggs in our in-house incubator, and growing chickens for both eggs and meat.

In other words, we provide service and equipments to create a Complete Poultry Farming with the following features:
  • In-House Eggs Fertilization System
  • Incubator for Hatching Eggs
  • Organic egg-laying systems
  • Organic broilers
AREAS OF OUR EXPERTISE – Services and Products:
  • Eggs Fertilization
  • Incubator for Hatching Eggs
  • Land Development, fencing, gates etc.
  • Civil Structures
    • Poultry Sheds
    • Store room
    • Egg room
    • Slaughterhouse
    • Office room
    • Quarters for staff
    • Others
  • Equipment/Plant and machinery
    • Brooders
    • Feeders
    • Waterers
    • Cages
    • Feed grinder and mixer
    • Debeaker
    • Vaccinator
  • Flock Projection Chart
  • Feeding
  • Veterinary aid
  • Artificial insemination
  • Meat Processing
    • Stunning and killing
    • Scalding
    • Defeathering
    • Removal of heads and legs
    • Automated Evisceration
    • PACKAGING & Labeling
We are partnering with one of the renowned companies from India with internationally recognized Poultry-Farming experts.

Our suppliers of equipments and experts are from renowned Indian companies.